Metaphysics Counselling

我丈夫被诊断出患有慢性肾脏病(CKD)第4至5期. 他的肌酐水平为451,eGFR 11. 他被送往急诊病房,医生通知他如果没有改善,就需要做透析或肾移植。





Diagnosed sciatica syndrome (with 3 slipped discs) just before Chinese New Year. The pain manifested by the process of sitting, standing and walking was excruciating.
The spine professor told me that surgery is not possible and I would be wheel chair bound. Went for expensive physiotheraphy and renown acupuncture but the sheer pain lingers.

Relentlessly, I seek John for consultation. Amazingly I was heal in 2 months by a hard to believe technique I was to do myself partly.

Amazingly, I can walk faster than my colleagues and could swim like a fish. Life was great with my new burst of energy.

Thank you John.

Chris Chua, 52, Director, faceofman