Certification in Clinical And Metaphysical Aromatherapy (Level 1)
Legal trademark under Transcendental Connection, 2011 USA.

Course Objective:

1. To understand and Differentiate the various industry standards and basics essential oil chemistry views for clinical

2. Learn basic Clinical and Metaphysical healing approaches with Essential Oil.

3. To learn various Hands on techniques when healing WITH Essential Oil.

The course aims to train students to use Essential Oil in both Modern Clinical and Energetic Metaphysical field. This is the only program in the world offered by ISAMS. Contents are scientifically sound and evidence based.”This is a Unique Proprietary education program under the license of Transcendental Connection@2011 USA .All rights reserved.

Plant Aromatics under correct ethical preparation and due to its benzene ring nature have quantum mechanical properties of frequency, quantum spin profile and particle wave behaviour under the classical revised Quantum Electro Dynamics on photon and matters.

Due to its inherent nature, countless anthropological research and primodial findings mentioned that mankind has been using plants for many BioEnergetics and Metaphysical application which mostly have been lost in modern time. Examples of related topics not fully understood by means of measurement physically and Current Sciences, Moxabustion, Etheric Surgery, Acupuncture, Chrakas, Nadis, Prana and Chi and etc.

Syllabus includes above topics and practical applications will be taught and as well as standard international subjects on Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Code of Ethics, Safety compliances, Industrial and Biochemistry.

This aromatherapy certification program ( level 1) will lead the pathway to Applied Metaphysics Foundation Course Level 2 and licensed practitioners of Applied Metaphysics.



John is a very passinate facilitator/coach who is open to teach and share useful and practical knowledge. It has helped to widen my perspective of aromatherapy and learnt skills to help family and friends. Thank you John!
Staci Ng, Essential Oil Practitioner
I am very thankful for this workshop where John tried his best to explain the very wonderful and amazing world of essential oils. I’ve benefited from this workshop for sure and will sign for level 2.
Ranna Seah, Essential Oil Practitioner
Not only will one learn the science behind Essential OIl and the correct usage of Essential Oil, you will also raise your awarenewss and consciousness.
Felicia, Essential Oil Practitioner
The world of Essential Oil is a beautiful world but I only knew so little about it. This workshop has opened up my mind and gave me the knowledge to support the use of Essential Oil for healping others.
Meta, Essential Oil Practitioner
This course helps me understand the basic fundamental about how essential oil enhance body functions ,brining sort of balance within.
Derick Pang, Essential Oil Practitioner
It is a fun and exciting class that opens your mind to the possibilities around us and shows us the limitations we put on ourselves.
Wan Yi, Essential Oil Practitioner
John knows his work and he shares generously with all. Thank you!
Lim Choy Yoke, Essential Oil Practitioner
John Wong has the gift and ability to pull together many abstract knowledge and present them in ways that I understand.
Gladys Lee, Breathworker/Success Coach/Essential Oil Practitioner
Thanks John for this very engaging 3 day course. Eye opening!
Jean Lee, Essential Oil Practitioner
Thank you John for sharing and teaching. Much appreciated and the knowledge and experience you have is so vast it’s amazing. I have learnt so much in the 3 days. And now to remember and apply it. Thank you again.
Azizah, Essential Oil Practitioner
This is dedicated to John.. for all the knowledge imparted to us during the 3 days course. I truly enjoyed your class.
Sara Aman, Essential Oil Practitioner